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Chanukah with the RRJC!Do you like to sing and dance and celebrate holidays with a diverse group of people, bound together by a culture thousands of years old? Would you like to light candles together to push back the dark and bring warmth into your heart?

As dusk falls on a Friday evening, do you find yourself wishing to share with others a simple Shabbat?

The RRJC, located in the resort town of Guerneville on the Russian River, was founded in 1987 as an educational and cultural institution in west Sonoma County. Since its inception, its gatherings have provided an opportunity for people with diverse backgrounds to explore Jewish culture and join in fellowship with others of the Jewish faith. Taking advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings, we celebrate Rosh Hashanah in a redwood grove in Armstrong Woods State Preserve, Yom Kippur on a Russian River beach, and other holidays at our homes or local gathering places.

In addition to celebrating holidays, we often share Shabbat potlucks, evenings of Jewish humor and film, and discussion group current affairs. Music and song are an integral part of most events, with folk dancing a frequent addition. Many of the founding members now function as leaders, but all are welcome to participate in our observances.

Like everything else in the world worth having, however, a nurturing spiritual and social community requires commitment. The commitment we are asking of you is the annual membership dues that allows an organization that focuses on celebration, education and community to survive and prosper.

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